Graduate Work

The following is a sample of the various projects I worked on as a graduate student, both independently and with groups. I’ve processed collections, archived a website, created a database, built tutorials, and developed digital preservation workflows. I’ve taken courses on a variety of topics from digital preservation to material science, archival foundations, information architecture and design, digitization, and database management.

Click the links below for more information on each project.

Oscar G. Brockett Archive

Processed a collection of academic and personal papers belonging to former UT professor and renowned theater historian, Oscar G. Brockett.

I-CHORA 6 Conference Website

As part of a team, archived the conference website for I-CHORA 6 (The 6th International Conference of the History of Records and Archives).


As part of a team, developed a database, Bar-B-Que(st), of 30+ Central Texas barbecue restaurants using MySQL and PHP.

Cultural Heritage Disaster Response

As part of a semester long class project, we created disaster recovery training tools, geared toward small cultural heritage institutions. We based the tools on our own disaster-simulated experiments.